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August 14, 2013
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Aug 14, 2013, 10:18:41 PM
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Gangfield and Abi - August 2013 by The-Ez Gangfield and Abi - August 2013 by The-Ez
I thought I was out of pics to share with you guys and I was sad about it and then SUDDENLY I FOUND THIS IN A PILE OF PAPERS! :la: Drew this an eternity ago, but here. :meow:

Still Gangfield and his lil' sidekick Abi in the late 1980's. Basically just a scene where Gangfield finds Abi crying on the sidewalk after she was told off by her bullies. He's prolly telling her to be true to herself. Or maybe he's telling her it's worth it to blend in sometimes. I dunno. :shrug: Make something up. :D

And also, obligatory 80's credits freeze-frame buddy pose because awesome. B-)

I'm posting more obscure pics on my tumblr that I can't fit into themed sketch dumps here on dA, so feel free to check it out. --> :D

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thundergalaxy Jan 21, 2014  Student General Artist
You have a beautiful style!
Koyokotenshi Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What nice art? *0* your stile is so beautiful 
Just a question that I've had in my mind for the last day... And I didn't know where to ask it, so I figured here is as good as any...=)

Did Gangfield find a way to turn Dennis back to a human? Because he isn't in any of the drawings of Gangfield in the '80s...=)

Sorry for bothering... I'm just so excited about his story and the Valiard Mansion...=D
The-Ez Oct 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No probs! You're always welcome to ask any questions ANY time ANYwhere! :D

Dennis is being left out of the 80's pics deliberately, yes. The reason is that I DON'T KNOW what I want to do with the character at the end of Valiard Mansion! :la:

The way I see it, I have three options. First, they find a spell to turn Dennis human and they turn him human. Second, they find the spell to turn Dennis human, but Dennis decides to stay a rat. And third, they don't find a spell at all and Dennis is forced to remain a rat. :giggle:

I'm going to play this one by ear and cross that bridge when I get to it. I want the story to get a little more serious as time goes on, and I think a talking rat will undermine that. Dennis's role is to help us to get to know Gangfield more quickly (expository rat yay!), so if he's fulfilled his function, I don't see why I must keep him. But we'll see.

What do you think, though?????
Got it...=D

Then I think I would be partial towards the first one, where Dennis is turned back to a human. Would that mean he's done with Gangfield and would die after a few years? If so, then that would be something new for him. First, Gangfield would loose a friend he's had for many many years and for the first time since before the curse he's alone. How would that affect him? How would he deal with that loss once he realizes it? Sure, he's happy that he finally managed to turn Dennis back, but was he prepared to loose him? Was he prepared to watch him die? I would think that once Dennis is gone, Gangfield would end up somewhat depressed. I mean, they've been together for hundreds of years, so they're supposed to be together. I don't know if he's ever considered the option of being alone for a few decades... So, what would he do? Would he isolate himself for a while? Would he pretend nothing happened and move on? Would he go crazy because the familiar feeling of having Dennis in his pocket is gone? Would he go crazy because he doesn't have anyone to talk to that knows him(as well as Dennis did)?

That is just me thinking....=)
I'm loving this ;D
redconvoy Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love those pics!  Nice detail. Great expressions.  
effielil Aug 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Frick your art is so dang consistent I feel nonsensically proud of you whenever I look at it, I swear! :hug:

Abi I get it "life is hard when you're a teenager. It's hard and no one understands."
Abi is adorable. Seriously. It's so fun to see these drawings of her! I don't know much about her story at all, but she's really interesting.

And the dynamic of her and Gangfield together is really interesting, too! In your pics of Gangfield with the Valliard gang, I always got the impression that he's the most playful, enigmatic, trickster-y one of the group. So it's interesting to see him paired with the really energetic and bouncy and cute and playful Abi! Gangfield still has that mysterious, unflappable, playful energy to him, but it changes some to see him be the grown-up, the "straight man" of the group, in that he's the less zany of the two.

And maybe I'm reading that COMPLETELY wrong. But still, their dynamic is fascinating!

I love the expressions here! Or the Ezpressions as I've seen you put it before! :giggle: Which I think is an awesome and cute way to brand your expressions, btw. But yeah! In that main, buddy pose that they strike just before the credits...omg. Abi's expression is the best! I LOVE the energy of her jumping "YEAH!" pose, but her face sells it soooo strongly. Her wide, excited eyes and that dazzling smile -- she's so cute! And then you have some much sadder expressions for her -- and they're really strong, too. I love that you can portray that range, between silly and fun and hyperactive happy, to sad and vulnerable. You are such a master of drawing emotions...I'm so envious!

Gangfield looks great, too. I like his smile and his expression -- he looks handsome and enigmatically dreamy and all that, but again, I like how he ends up being the calmer of the two. I like that hint of...maturity, of authority, of being the one who tries, in his own mysterious way, to be there for Abi. I like how in the buddy shot, he looks cool, but calmer and more reserved than her, but how there's still enough action and movement in his pose to make it feel lifelike and interesting. And in the sad pic next to that...the way he leans forwards on his knees, with his cheek resting on his hand -- he looks SUPER lifelike and natural. There's no stiffness; there's a realistically relaxed feel to the pose that makes it so believable, and it also makes the mood of the scene stronger, because he's trying to soften up a bit to be there for Abi, but the hints of lightness in his expression show he's doing it in his own way. I imagine him talking to her to be her pal, but he's not coddling her either. He's kinda asking the awkward questions in a puckish, lighthearted way, because they're the questions she needs to hear to work through whatever is making her sad.

Or something! Please don't be upset if I'm misreading things, but I really do love how much emotion and storytelling comes through in your art! You're amazing! Or Amaz-ez! Or Ezmazing! Orsomethinglikethat! XDD

The-Ez Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dude. You're pointing out a lot of things I intended and I LOVE IT!!! :la: :heart:

In the story, Abi's from a broken home and her dad's remarried with a new family and new kids and all that. :faint: So I really want Gangfield to become a sort of father figure to Abi—for there to be an immediate connection between them. He sees something of himself in her and probably tries to cultivate that while he comforts her. Asking those awkward questions, as you say. :D

I don't know if you saw in the comic-esque pic I did of them how they instinctively mirror each other's movements:
I really hope to pop in more little subtleties like that between them to visually pull them together.

Ah, I'm blabbering now. :blush: I just got big plans for these characters.

I'm super relieved you like Abi, though. It's so easy to make a girl kid character come across as boring or even too cute. I do want her to be a little ball of energy, though. :giggle: I'm glad Gangfield pales in comparison. SUCCESS!! :la:

Thanks so much for your kind words. Like I said, I've got a lot planned for these two characters, so to have you so emotionally invested means more to me than you'll ever know!! :glomp: :heart:
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